Where we started

In September 2016, the Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center (NMRMC) formed the Neosho County Health Task Force (NHTF) team to build effective relationships with community stakeholders to foster trust and align efforts to improve community health in Southeast Kansas. The Task Force meets quarterly to assess community health needs and to form alliances to address targeted healthcare objectives in the community.

Recent County Health Rankings reflect the results of many hours of hard work – working together to open opportunities for Neosho County and surrounding area residents to live a healthier lifestyle and by how removing that focus rapidly changed those much-improved results. In 2018, Neosho County ranked 85 out of 103 ranked counties in Health Outcomes. In 2019, Neosho County ranked 66 out of 102 counties ranked. Once the pandemic reached our community our recent health task force efforts diminished with our focus turning to public health safety efforts revolving around the pandemic and in 2022 Neosho County health rankings plummeted to 90th out of 105 counties. The Neosho County Health Task Force, led by NMRMC, made a significant difference as evidenced by the rankings, but also identified that there is much more to do to improve health outcomes in the community.